interaction magic

Picture of George Cave

Interaction Magic is me, George Cave.

I invent and build future product interfaces.

How? By diving deep into technology and engineering, without ever losing sight of the experience.

Designers bring concepts, but struggle to transform them from a sketch into the real world. Engineers execute the vision, but often miss the understanding of why people behave the way they do. This is the gap I bridge. The engineer that designers want to work with.

Experience prototyping is the core: building, feeling and living an idea years before you believed you could. Fuelling this is my own blend of interaction design, tech research, R&D, hardware UX, professional Arduinoing, creative engineering and magic.

Project enquiries, collaborations, wild ideas or curious thoughts:

Optical camera system being adjusted by a person Top down view of table covered in orange electronic tracers
Adjusting a wooden carriage clock Double bed in a hotel or small living space
Two men on the ice sheet in Greenland with scientific equipment
Consumer electronics products dismantled for testing
Interface concept with orange light inside it Wall of UI concept ideation for interfaceMachined components during batch manufacturing
“One of those rare great design leaders, capable of exciting everyone to have the best time while giving their A-Game.”
“A rocket-booster for unhatched creative ideas. Count on George accelerating seemingly far-fetched visions – and actually making them work.”
“A soldering iron in one hand, and a 5 year vision in the other.”