interaction magic


Two unique, hands-on design & prototyping workshops.
Specifically designed to fill the interaction knowledge gaps in today's design teams.

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Interface design for minimal hardware

An intensive, one-day workshop, diving head-first into the design of product interactions.

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Switches, knobs, lights and single pixels. Learn to design, prototype and experiment with emotional, engaging interactions on physical interfaces.

This highly interactive workshop is built around product teardowns, case studies and design exercises. The day culminates in a collaborative design sprint, inventing and testing new interfaces for specially customised Casio F-91W watches.

Perfect for UX, product and design teams, you'll explore the world of minimal physical interfaces, discovering lessons and approaches that apply across all aspects of design today.

Prototyping with hardware and the web

A hands-on, one-day introduction to connecting physical objects with web UIs.

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Connecting prototypes to web apps and UIs has never been easier.

Supercharge your prototyping capabilities with the latest web APIs, driving digital interactions on the screen by sensing and controlling hardware interfaces. Connect everything to prototyping tools like Figma and simple, browser-based Javascript UIs.

Specifically designed for product design & development teams, gain the skills to confidently build quick, fully-interactive hardware prototypes that accelerate your design process.