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Modelling my brain

March 2021

A 22 hour medical experiment breathing 12% oxygen, and the 7000 images of my brain that came out of it.

Units: the forgotten half of the statistic

February 2021

From the millihelen to the microcentury, via jerk, pirate-ninjas and the Mongolian vowel separator. A tour deep into the weird world of unusual units.

The UX of LEGO Interface Panels

August 2020

LEGO interface panels are beautiful, iconic, and great for learning interface design basics. I bought 52 of them from BrickLink to explore the design, layout and organisation of complex interfaces.

Light Engineering

June 2020

Exploring the physics and engineering of light pipes, where optics and mechanical design meet.

Interaction20 Round-up

February 2020

Summary of all the amazing, curious and challenging ideas from last week's at #IXDA Interaction 20. Stuffed with links and references to everything I learned.