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3 tips for co-designing with kids

Designing future sports products with a group of 11 year olds.

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Hacking the terrorist timepiece

Building the tools to build the interface. Super fast hardware prototyping with the famous Casio F-91W.

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Life beyond the screen

Switches, light, gesture, motion, sound, haptics. Teaching a course about life beyond the screen.

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Metaphors mold minds

Every good design is founded on a great metaphor. How to use metaphors to design more a inclusive future for our cities. My IXDA Interaction 22 conference talk.

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The last design you'll ever make

Designing from cradle to grave is no longer good enough. We need to postpone that grave as long as possible. This is how to design for a right to repair.

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Podcast: Designed for life

A deep dive into my career and the future of experience prototyping with Tony Ryan, CEO of Design & Technology Association.

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Designing bikes or bike lanes?

Which impacts the cycling experience more: the design of the bike or the bike lanes? Interview and podcast with city transport planners Catherine Osborn and David Wills.

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Modelling my brain

A 22 hour medical experiment breathing 12% oxygen, and the 7000 images of my brain that came out of it.

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The UX of LEGO Interface Panels

LEGO interface panels are beautiful, iconic, and great for learning interface design basics. I bought 52 of them from BrickLink to explore the design, layout and organisation of complex interfaces.

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Light Engineering

Exploring the physics and engineering of light pipes, where optics and mechanical design meet.

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Interaction20 Round-up

“If you give Germans the freedom to do anything they want, they will all do the same thing”

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Think outside the screen

Nobody likes stroking a pane of glass, so why do we love touchscreens so much? Let's build distributed interfaces that work.

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Units: the forgotten half of the statistic

From the millihelen to the microcentury, via jerk, pirate-ninjas and the Mongolian vowel separator.

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Using Mahony & Madgwick to calibrate and process Arduino orientation data.

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